How do I Maintain my Listserv Subscriber List?

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All Listserv moderators have the ability to maintain their subscriber list.

*Please note: Your Listserv is edited and maintained through the Listserv web interface. If you are off-campus and need to access the Listserv web interface, you will need to connect to the campus network using the Virtual Private Network (VPN) or a browser in Horizon. If you are on-campus, you may continue to access the Listserv web interface as normal.

Access & Maintain UNCW Listservs

  1.  To see and control your list and its subscribers, go to its administration Web page:
  2. To see your specific listserv, replace "listname" in the above URL with the name of your list.
    Example: The FilmAlert list is:
  3. The Web page requires you to type the list's password, which you should know.
  4. When you click the "Let me in..." button, you will see the "General Options" page of your list's administration Web pages. These pages show (and let you change) all the configuration settings for your list, including the settings for individual subscribers.
    • Do not change settings with which you are not familiar.
    • Do use the pages to add and delete subscribers, update subscribers' settings, or maintain the welcome and information messages for your list.

Mailman Configuration Categories

Mailman Configurations:

TECH TIP: Most mailman configurations do not need to be changed. 

  • Membership Management: adding/deleting subscribers and some settings.
    • To add members, click on mass subscription, and then either enter one per line (full email address), paste a list of emails or upload a file containing your emails.  Press Submit.
    • To remove members, click on membership list, check the box to the left of the members you want to delete and then press Submit at the bottom. If  you have a list of members that you'd like to remove, you can enter or paste them into the mass subscription section.
    • If you will be replacing your list members each semester/year, it might be helpful to keep a list of the old members, so that you can do a mass removal and then a mass subscription.
    • Anyone posting to the list must be a member, or listed under privacy options->sender filters->"List of non-member addresses whose postings should be automatically accepted."
  • General Options: Welcome message, info message, who replies go to and other settings.


Optional Settings:

TECH TIP: Usually you can leave the default settings selected.  

  • Privacy Options: Who can post, whose postings are held for manager approval, whether the list appears on Mailman's list pages, who can see the subscribers list, anti-spam measures.
  • SPAM: If you would like to stop the SPAM, please follow these instructions:
    1. Login to the list's administrative interface. (
    2. Go to "Sender Filters."
    3. Change one or both of these options: (1) Action to take for postings from non-members for which no explicit action is defined. (2) Hold, Reject or Discard (What to do with the messages, administrator's preference).
      • Hold: Hold the message in a queue until the administrator logs in and manually deals with it.
      • Reject: Reject the message, and send notice to the sender of a message bounce.
      • Discard: Delete the mail. It goes no further, and no one is notified.

        TECH TIP: Often the best option.

      • If Discarded: 
        • Should messages from non-members, which are automatically discarded, be forwarded to the list moderator? No. 
        • Should the moderator/administrator get the message that was posted to the list after it has been Discarded? Yes. Any message from a non-member which is discarded, will be forwarded to the administrator’s UNCW email account. Typically, you would not want or need notification of these messages.
    4. Additionally, to reduce exposure and thus SPAM, set the list so that it is not advertised on The setting is under Privacy Options -> Subscription Rules-> "Advertise this list when people ask what lists are on this machine?"
  • Non-digest Options: Settings for messages when they are sent one at a time. 
  • Digest Options: Settings for messages collected into digests. 
  • Passwords: Changing the passwords for list managers and moderators, not subscribers.
  • Language Options: Selecting languages the list supports. 
  • Bounce Options: What the Mailman does with bounced messages from defunct addresses. 
  • Archiving Options: Whether and how the list is archived, and who can see the archives (subscribers or everyone). UNCW lists are normally set to archive messages for troubleshooting purposes. Please only use private archives.
  • Mail <-> News gateways: Lists that also are readable as newsgroups (which we don't do). 
  • Auto-responder: We can use Mailman to set up "mailbots" that respond automatically with a standard message


If you need further assistance, please submit a service request or CHAT with TAC.

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