How Do I Use Select Survey?


All faculty and staff have the ability to use Select Survey.

Using Select Survey:

  1. To use Select Survey, you must first request an account through the Request Permission to Create and Manage Surveys service request. 
  2. Once your permissions are granted, you access the application through the "LaunchPad" on the mySeaport ( landing page or by visiting
  3. Login with your UNCW email credentials to begin. 
  4. To create a survey, click the "Create Survey" button.
  5. Give the survey a title that identifies your department and the survey topic
    Example: "ITS Horizon Software Survey" 
  6. Insert questions; there are 35+ different types of questions.
  7. When complete, the survey can be previewed before deploying.
  8. When you're finished editing, click the "deploy" box to launch the survey and get the URL to the survey.
  9. Make sure to go through the "options" to set an accurate Start/End date; the survey is automatically closed to the public on the End date.
  10. For more detailed instructions, see the Select Survey User Manual (PDF).


Helpful Notes:

  • You can log in at any time to analyze your data. The Analyze option will also let you export results to Excel.
  • Select Survey accounts can be created for UNCW student employees. A student’s supervisor or faculty member needs to submit the Request Permission to Create and Manage Surveys service request, and ask for "Create" access to be granted.
  • Questions and responses cannot be restored once surveys are deleted.
  • You should make backups of your survey on your local machine.

If you need further assistance, please submit a service request or CHAT with TAC.


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