How Do I Install Enterprise Connect on my Mac?


How do I install Enterprise Connect on my Mac?


All faculty and staff have the ability to install Enterprise Connect on university-owned Mac computers (excluding lab/shared machines).

  1. Open Self Service on your Mac and login with your UNCW username and password.

    self service screenshot of username and password

  2. Navigate to the Software tab on the left-hand side. Enterprise Connect will be listed in this section. Click "Install" to install Enterprise Connect onto your Mac.

    screenshot of options available

  3. Once the install is complete, navigate to Enterprise Connect either from the Launchpad or Applications folder, and open the app.


    list of applications installed
  4. When Enterprise Connect opens, enter your UNCW username and password, and then click "Sign In."

    username and password screen

  5. Once signed in, you will see the Enterprise Connect icon in the Menu Bar of your Mac.

    enterprise connect icon

When connected through VPN, you may need to reconnect Enterprise Connect for it to sync.  To check this, click the Enterprise Connect icon and, if the option to “Reconnect” is there, please select “Reconnect.”

*Please note: Enterprise Connect is an application that will update your Keychain password on your Mac automatically when your UNCW password changes. This will help ease the pain of Keychain issues to avoid those annoying Keychain popups.


If you need further assistance, submit a service request or CHAT with TAC


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