Move Your Office Telephone Service

Service Overview

This request is to move an existing phone service from current location to a different location.  An example move could be to a different wall jack within the same room or to a different room and/or building. 

Available To

Faculty and Staff


Move phone and service from current location to another.  The move can be within the same office location or to another room and/or building.  This service is used if the customer wishes to keep the existing extension due to length of time having the extension or due to publication of the phone number. 

Getting Started

Please click the "submit a ticket" button with the following informatino:

  • Extension
  • Location
  • Billing Fund

Note: Service moves may take up to 7 business days.

Fees/Additional Costs

Fee: $43.00. 

For additional information on telephone types, descriptions and rates please visit our website.

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Service ID: 12747
Mon 3/21/16 3:40 PM
Fri 8/25/17 3:10 PM