Add Telephone Service

Service Overview

This service is to activate a new phone service for making and receiving calls and for a temporary phone line activation.

Available To

Faculty and Staff


This service provides for a new phone line activation. Requests for the purchase of a new phone or for a temporary use of a speaker phone can also be made using this service.

Getting Started

Please click the "submit a ticket" button with the following information: 

Note:  Requests that require new cabling, a quote can be provided. Service tier options can be found at the following:   Service Tier Options

Fees/Additional Costs

New Phone/Fax Line:  Onetime Activation Fee - $43. 

Monthly service fee is dependent on the service tier option chosen.

Temporary Phone Line Activation and speakerphone usage - see our webpage.

For additional information on telephone types, descriptions and rates please visit our website.

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