Conference Call Request

Service Overview

There are two types of Conference Calling Requests.  Call-in Conferencing is a virtual audio bridge hosted by the UNCW Network Communications that allows a conference call by dialing into a University number to meet up to 6 conference participants. 

The 800# Conference calling service provides a virtual audio bridge conference all that allows unlimited participants access.  This service is scheduled and initiated by UNCW operators.

Available To

Faculty and Staff


Call-in conferencing service is an easy to use, secure conferencing service that allows for simple setup and management for 6 or fewer participants.  This service is password protected.

The 800# conferencing provides a secure conference calling service with unlimited participant access.

Getting Started

Please click the "submit a ticket" button with the following information: 

  • Extension
  • Location
  • Conference Type
  • Date & Time

Fees/Additional Costs

Call-in Conferencing - No charge

800# Conferencing - Vendor assigned cost.


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