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How Do I Remote Access from MAC to MAC via Remote Desktop?


How do I connect a Mac Computer to another Mac via remote desktop?


All faculty, staff and students have the ability to connect via remote desktop.

1.  Open System Preferences and click on the sharing icon.

2.  In the Sharing window, check the box for Screen Sharing and make sure the radio button for "All users" is selected. 

3.  Next, make note of the IP address since you will be using it to connect from home.  (Note: Please write down the ip address exactly as it is shown in Sharing Prefences.  You will need to include

Now that your work computer is all set up, its time to get connected to it from your home computer.  You will need VPN setup for this to work.

1.  On your home computer, go to Finder, then click on "Go" then "Connect to Server."  (Command K for shortcut)

2. In the blank box, type in vnc://your ip Hit "Connect" and you will prompted for your User Name and Password. Put this in and you will have access to your work computer.

If you need further assistance, please contact the TAC at 910-962-4357, or submit a service request.


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