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Remote Access from Windows to MAC

This article details how to use your Windows computer (on or off-campus) to remotely access an on-campus Mac.

Part 1: Enable Screen Sharing on your on-campus Mac

1.  Open System Preferences and click on the sharing icon.

2.  In the Sharing window, check the box for Screen Sharing and make sure the radio button for All users is selected. 

3.  Next, click the Computer Settings button and make sure both checkboxes are selected.  You will need to choose a secure password that will be used each time you remote to your computer from home. Click OK to save your settings.  You can also close out of the System Preferences window.

4.  Next, make note of the IP address since you will be using it to connect from home.

Part 2: Connect to the Mac using UltraVNCViewer

1.  On your Windows computer, go to  If prompted, install the Citrix plugin.  The plugin will need to be installed if you plan to open any applications in Tealware.

2.  Once logged in to Tealware, click UltraVNC Viewer on the last page of icons.

3.  Now that UltraVNC is open, type your office computer's IP address into the VNC Server textbox and click Connect.  You will be prompted to enter the VNC password that we set earlier. 

4.  After submitting the VNC password, you will be prompted to log in to your office computer.  Use the credentials you regularly use to log in to your office computer.



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