How Do I Receive a Fax?


How do I receive a fax on my UNCW phone?


All faculty, staff and students have the ability to receive faxes to their UNCW phone lines.

*Please note: By default, voicemail accounts are created to receive incoming faxes to your phone extension and sending them to your email inbox as .tiff (image) attachments. If you would like to turn this feature off, please enter a request via our Service Catalog and we will remove that capability. Alternately, you can remove this capability in the User Preferences Web portal ( under the General section.


Your UNCW phone number is also your fax number.

If you know you are about to receive a fax, when the call comes in, do not answer it and let it go to your voicemail account. The voicemail system will recognize that it is a fax and send it as a .tiff attachment in an email to your email inbox.

If you answer the phone while a fax is coming in, transfer the call immediately to voicemail by doing the following:

  1. Press the "Transfer" button.
  2. Dial *88.
  3. Press "Transfer" again.


  1. Press the "Transfer" button.
  2. Dial *88.
  3. Press "Complete" button.

If you need further assistance, please contact the TAC at 910-962-4357, or submit a service request.


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