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Information for Purchasing a University Computer


UNC General Administration has launched a required IT purchasing program called Combined Pricing Initiative (CPI). The easiest, fastest way to order a computer on campus is to select one of the computers from the Dell or Apple punch-outs in uShop.

Available To

Faculty and Staff

Note: This applies to university-owned computers.  Please refer to B1NAR1ES for personal purchases.


  • Standardized and better quality hardware
  • Images for effective deployment and support
  • The inclusion of Computrace to protect university data (All computers, regardless of whether they are a CPI computer, require the purchase of Computrace.)
  • Enterprise standard hardware
  • A longer warranty period, saving each department repair costs

Getting Started

Computers can be ordered through the Dell or Apple punch-outs in uShop.
Note: Dell computers come with Computrace.  Apple computers require a Computrace license to be purchased.

Fees/Additional Costs

The cost will vary depending upon computer configuration.