How do I use OneDrive for Backup and Data Storage


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All faculty and staff have the ability to setup the OneDrive desktop client, transfer their data from Sammy to OneDrive and setup OneDrive folder backup on their UNCW-owned computer.

*Please note: All UNCW-owned Windows computers have the OneDrive desktop client pre-installed.  

How do I Setup OneDrive Desktop Client


  1. Click the Windows Start button located in the lower left corner of your screen, and then type "OneDrive." The application will be shown in the program list. Press Enter or select the OneDrive app.

    Click Windows start button and type OneDrive to launch application
  2. Enter your UNCW email address (e.g., Select Sign in.

    Enter email address to setup OneDrive. Click Sign in
  3. Select Work or School.

    OneDrive Set up, select Work or School button
  4. Click Next.

    OneDrive local folder path confirmation panel, click Next to continue
  5. Click Later.

    OneDrive Mobile app setup window. Click Later to continue.
  6. Setup complete. Click "Open my OneDrive folder" to finish.

    OneDrive ready for use. Click Open my OneDrive folder to continue
  7. OneDrive is now accessible in File Explorer.

    File Explorer window showing OneDrive folder


How do I Setup OneDrive Folder Backup?


  1. Locate the OneDrive desktop client icon in the notification area. You may need to click the caret to view all icons.

    Locate and right click on OneDrive icon in system tray
  2. Right-click on the icon to bring up the menu, and select Settings.

    Located OneDrive icon in notification area, right click to access the menu. Select Settings.
  3. Click the Backup Tab, and then click Manage backup.

    OneDrive setting panel. Select Backup tab, then click Manage backup
  4. Click Start Backup.

    TECH TIP: OneDrive does not allow certain character types in file and folder names " * : < > ? / \ |   

    When configuring your backup, you may receive an error if a file or folder contains one of those characters. Simply navigate to that file or folder, and rename the object prior to completing the backup process. 

    For a complete list of restrictions and limitations, view Microsoft Support.

    Manage folder backup panel. Click Start backup
  5. Setup Complete. Click View sync progress or "X" out of the window to continue.

    OneDrive backup started panel. Click to view sync progress or X to close

How do I Setup OneDrive in MacOS?


  1. Open OneDrive by selecting it from your Applications folder in Finder.

    Mac OS application folder shown in Finder. OneDrive application selected
  2. Enter your UNCW email address (e.g., Select Sign In.

    OneDrive sign in panel. Enter email address field. Click Sign in
  3. Click Next on the next four panels.

    OneDrive folder location panel. Displays the location of OneDrive folder path. Click Next

    OneDrive get to know panel. Add items by dragging or moving them into the folder. Click Next

    OneDrive Share files panel. Allow others to view and edit files. Click Next

    OneDrive ready and on-demand panel. Panel displays icons for online-only, on devices and always available content. Click Next
  4. Click Later.

    OneDrive get Mobile App panel. Click Later
  5. Click "Open OneDrive Folder."

    OneDrive is Ready. Click Open OneDrive folder.
  6. Your OneDrive - UNC-Wilmington folder is now listed in the left navigation pane in Finder.

    Mac OS Finder window displaying OneDrive - UNC-Wilmington listed in navigation.


If you need further assistance, please submit a service request or CHAT with TAC.



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