Service Catalog

Categories (11)

Email & Calendar

Outlook & Calendar Issues, Distribution Group, Shared Mailbox (MEPF), & Listserv Creation, Changes, or Issues

UNCW Account

Account Unlock, Password Resets, Name Changes, Temporary & Guest Accounts, Account Extensions

Banner, Canvas, DocuSign, mySeaport, & SeaNet

Appworx, Banner, Canvas, mySeaport, SeaNet, DocuSign and ImageNow/Perceptive Experience

WiFi, Networks, Web Apps, Websites, & Virus Safety

Wired & Wireless, VPN, Firewall, Web Design & Web Applications, Malware (Virus) Removal

Computers, Devices, Printers/Copiers, Cable TV Service

Desktops, Laptops, Cameras, Tablets, Cell Phones, TVs, Printer/Copiers & Cable TV Service


Cloud-based software, Horizon, Adobe Creative Cloud, Excel, Maple, Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, SAS, SPSS, etc.

AV Assistance, Classroom Tech Support, DE, & Percipio

TV’s, Instructor’s Stations, Clickers, Zoom, Lecture Capture, Light Board, Live Event Sound and Video

Communication Services

Office Phone, Softphone & Mobile Phone Service, Voicemail, Billing, Conference Calls, Reimbursements

File Storage & Servers

Sharepoint, OneDrive, Samba, ARC, Server Support, Database Administration, Restore from Backup

Reporting, Surveys & Forms, ITS Projects & myTAC Support

SSRS & ODS Reporting, Google Analytics, Online Survey Tool, ITS Projects, myTAC portal

Administrative & Business

This category contains service request options for Finance, Human Resources, Registrar & the Library.