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Outlook & Calendar Issues, Distribution Group, Shared Mailbox (MEPF), & Listserv Creation, Changes, or Issues

Account Unlock, Password Resets, Name Changes, Temporary & Guest Accounts, Account Extensions

Appworx, Banner, Canvas, mySeaport, SeaNet, DocuSign and ImageNow/Perceptive Experience

Wired & Wireless, VPN, Firewall, Web Design & Web Applications, Malware (Virus) Removal

Desktops, Laptops, Cameras, Tablets, Cell Phones, TVs, & Cable TV Service

Cloud-based software, Horizon, Adobe Creative Cloud, Excel, Maple, Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, SAS, SPSS, etc.

TV’s, Instructor’s Stations, Clickers, Zoom, Lecture Capture, Light Board, Live Event Sound and Video

Office Phone, Softphone & Mobile Phone Service, Voicemail, Billing, Conference Calls, Reimbursements

Sharepoint, OneDrive, Sammy, Timmy, Samba, ARC, Server Support, Database Administration, Restore from Backup

SSRS & ODS Reporting, Google Analytics, Online Survey Tool, ITS Projects, myTAC portal

This category contains service request options for Finance and Human Resources.