How do I Subscribe, Unsubscribe or change my Digest Mode for a ListServ?


All clients can use the website (copy this and change listname to the list that you want) site only available from the campus network/vpn/horizon or use the below email commands.

Those without email must use the below commands.

  1. Send email To:  e.g.
    test is the listname for or 

    In the body/message enter one command from the below (case sensitive)
    [  ]  - Denote optional items, do not include the [  ] when using the commands.

        subscribe [password] [digest|nodigest]  e.g. subscribe Urz3t@se nodigest

            Subscribe to this mailing list. Your password must be given to unsubscribe or change your
            options, but if you omit the password, one will be generated for you. You may be
            periodically reminded of your password.

            The next argument may be either: `nodigest' or `digest' if you want a daily digest of posts.       

        unsubscribe [password] 

            Unsubscribe from the mailing list. Provide your current password. If omitted, a
            confirmation email will be sent to the unsubscribing address.

        confirm confirmation-string e.g. confirm 151ca4222f5e107762889519bf0bc348cf0ee8dc

            Confirm an action. The confirmation-string will be supplied by a mailback
            confirmation notice.

If you need further assistance, please submit a service request or CHAT with TAC.

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