How do I use the Project Navigation Menu?

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Only IT staff with access to Team Dynamix have the ability to view and/or edit project details.

Project Navigation Menu Components:

This article covers the navigation for the main sections of the Project Menu that are commonly used by Project Managers.

Project Details





The project Navigation menu is located on the left side of the project window. 

  1. Click on "Project Details" to Open, View or Edit

  2. Click the "Actions", "Update", "Refresh" or "Print" buttons to perform functions (see Figure 1).

    Image of Project Details Menu

Project Details

To view and update high-level project status, health and summaries.  Project Status updates are required minimally once a month.  On-hold projects do not require monthly status updates.

Image of the Project Status Update Window


  1.  Click the "Update" button. 

  2.  Click the drop menu on the "Status"  field. 

  3.  Select" In Process", "Initiating" or "On Hold". 

  4.  Click the drop menu on the "Health" field. 

  5.  Select "Green", "Yellow" or  "Red"

  6.  Set the "Percent Complete" then click the up or down arrows to adjust the percentage or enter it using your numeric keypad. An overall estimate is sufficient.  

  7.  Add/Update Comments

    The Comments should include the following details when appropriate.
    • Next major actions planned.
    • List of accomplishments and/or issues since the last update.
    • If there is no anticipated activity happening on a project for 2 or more months, the project should be placed on hold.
      • When placing a project on hold, please include an “On Hold Until” date; no project updates will be required up to that date.
      • In the comments include an overview of the hold reason and what needs to occur for the project to be moved back into an active status.
  8.  Click the "Notification" field and select the name(s) of individuals who may need to receive notifications (see Add Resource(s) section to add individual team members). 

  9. Notify Other People allows additional notification recipients to be searched. 

  10. Click Save (see Figure 2). 


Add and update project information i.e. Project Name, Type, & Account/Department (see Figure 3). 

Image of General Information Window 


  1. Click "General" on the Navigation menu. 

  2. Click the project information fields to add/update information. 

  3. Complete all required fields. If you’re unsure how to answer a required category, click the question mark for helpful tips. 

    Image of the Show Help Icon for Project Scale

  4. . Show Help

     Image of Show Help Options for Project Scale
  5. When finished, click "save".



To Add a Resource (team member) to a project.

  1. Click "Resources" on the Navigation menu. 

    Project Menu Bar with Resources Highlighted
  2. Click the"Actions" menu. 

  3. Select "Add Resources".

    Image of the Actions Menu

  4. Type the Name.  (Name is the last name of team member to add to the project.) 

  5. Select "Add Resources". Select the check box for “Include users whose capacity is not managed”

    Image of the form for entering Resource Names

  6. Click "Search"

  7. Click "Next"

  8. Select the check box for “Notify resources that they have been added”.  

  9. Click "Save"

To Remove a Resource (team member) from a project.

  1. Click" Resources" on the Navigation menu. 

  2. Click on the "Actions" menu. 

  3. Select "Remove Resources".

    Image of Actions Menu with Remove Resources Highlighted

  4. Select the check box by the Name(s) to be removed. 
    Select "drop-down" under Delegate To and select names (resources) to transfer tasks to

    Image of the Remove Resources Window
  5. Click  "Save". 


To Change Project Manager or Alternate Manager

  1. Click "Resources" on the Navigation menu. 

  2. Click the "Actions" button. 

  3. Select "Change Manager"

    Image of the Actions Menu - Change Manager Highlighted

  4. Click the drop menu on the New Manager or Alternate Manager field. 

  5. Select the check box by the Name(s) (the new project manager(s) the project is assigned to). 

  6. Click  "Save". 

    Note: Only primary managers may change team member roles.


  1. Click "Feed" on the Navigation menu (see Figure 6). 

  2. To Review past Feed activity.

    • Select Feed Type: “Edit,” “Status Changes,” or “Comments.” 

  3. To add a new “Comment” 

    • Click the Comment button 

    • Add/Update Comments 

  4. When finished, click "Save"

Image of the Feed window



The briefcase provides the ability to manage all project documentation.

  1. Click "Briefcase" on the Navigation menu.  The window below will display.  

     Image of the Project Menu with the Briefcase selection highlighted

  2. Select "New".

    Image of the New and Folder Selection Icons

  3. Click "Folder".

    • A new folder will display.  (See below).

      Image of New FOlder Icon

  4. Right-click "New Folder" to manipulate.  

    • Select the appropriate action from the display.  
       Image of New Folder Menu

  5. Select "Folder" and drag files to add to Folder. 

    Image of Folder Menu

    Note: If the file exceeds 20 MB, a warning message will display.  Use the Add Files feature to upload the file. 

  6. Click "Folder" and select “Add Files”.  

    Image of Folder Menu

  7. Browse for file and upload.  

    Image of Browse windo to add files

  8. After uploading “Add another file” or “Close this window”.

    Image of the  File Added Successfully

  9. To remove a document, click on "file" and select “Delete”

    Image of the File and Select Menu




If you need further assistance, please contact the ITS Project Management Team.

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