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Checkout Equipment on Campus (Laptops, Chargers, Headphones)

Equipment Checkout is operated by TAC for the benefit of the UNCW Campus community.  


Current faculty, staff, and students with a UNCW One Card have the ability to check out equipment from the TAC located at the back of the first floor of the Randall Library.  The equipment below is currently available to individuals:

  • Dell Laptops

  • Dell Chargers

  • Apple Macbook Pros

  • Mac Chargers (Magsafe, Magsafe 2, and USB-C)

*Note: Headphones will NOT be checked out after June 16th, 2017 due to maintenance and durability issues. 

All items from TAC are available for 6 hour checkouts. Please note this equipment cannot leave the library. Damage or failure to return equipment within this timeframe may result in charges to your account. If TAC is closed when you go to return your equipment, please return it to the security desk at the front of the library. 


Laptops that can be taken anywhere (even off-campus) can be rented from TAC Repairs for $8/day. TAC Repairs is located to the right of the TAC front desk.

The Information Desk located in the Student Center can also rent laptops for four hours free of charge. Laptops from the Information Desk cannot leave Campus Life buildings.

Phone Charging

TAC also has a station to securely charge your Android or Apple device. Your device is secured in a locker with a pin code. The station has Apple Lightning cables and USB compatibility for many common Android phones. To rent portable phone chargers for Android or Apple devices for four hours, please visit the Information Desk located next to Barnes & Noble in the Student Center.


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