How do I Add my Zoom Recordings to my Echo360 Library?

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All faculty, staff and students have the ability to automatically and manually add Zoom cloud recordings to their Echo360 library.

*Please note: In order to maintain ample cloud storage space for all UNCW users, Zoom cloud recordings will remain available in Zoom for the duration of each academic semester. At the conclusion of each spring and fall semester, Zoom cloud recordings will be deleted automatically to free up capacity for the upcoming semester. We strongly recommend activating Echo360, which has unlimited storage, to store Zoom recordings.


Automated Zoom & Echo360 Integration

  1. Ensure you have activated your Echo360 account by following the How do I Activate my Echo360 Account? knowledge base instructions.
  2. Once your Echo360 account is activated, login to Echo360 by visiting UNCW's Office 365 Apps and selecting "Echo360" from the "All apps" section. 
  3. Click on the "Settings" button (gear / cogwheel symbol) in the top right-hand corner, and then select "Account Settings." 

    Echo360 Settings button in top right-hand corner, highlighting "account settings."
  4. Select "Zoom Settings" in the left-hand vertical menu, and ensure that the box is checked to "Automatically copy Zoom recording to Echo360."

    Echo360 Account Settings in the Zoom Settings section, with the box checked to "automatically copy zoom recording to Echo360."
  5. The next time you need to record something in Zoom, click on the "Record" option at the bottom, and then select "Record to the Cloud."

    Zoom bottom toolbar, showing the two options for "record." There is an arrow highlighting the "recording to the cloud" option.
  6. Your video will be automatically uploaded to both Zoom cloud recording and your Echo360 library. Upload times vary depending on the size of your video. Larger file size videos will take longer to upload (can take up to several hours).

Manually Add Zoom Recordings to Echo360 Library 

*Please note: You may need to manually add your Zoom recordings to your Echo360 Library if you previously recorded something to Zoom cloud recording prior to activating your Echo360 account or if you selected "Record on this Computer" from the Zoom record options (as seen in the above #2 step). 


  1. Login to your UNCW Zoom account by following this link:
  2. Navigate to your previous recordings by selecting "Recordings" in the Zoom left-hand menu,​​​​​​.

    Zoom left-hand menu highlighting the "recordings" option with a red arrow.
  3. You should see a list of your previously recorded Zoom videos.

    Cloud Recordings window in Zoom showing a list of previously recorded videos.
  4. Select the video you wish to download by clicking on on the video topic.
  5. You have two options for downloading your Zoom recordings. Choose the option that best suits your needs.
    • Option 1: You can download all files at once. This includes two different versions of the Zoom recording (speaker view and gallery view), the audio with no video and the audio transcript. 
    • Option 2: You can choose which files to download by hovering over the option and clicking the "download" button. We recommend downloading one of the video recordings (either the speaker view or gallery view) and the audio transcript.

      TECH TIP: You can download the "audio transcript" and upload it to the "Captions" section of your video in Echo360 to enable closed captioning to meet accessibility requirements. 

      Zoom recording detail window indicating to two options for downloading. You can download all files or download the files individually.
  6. Once you have downloaded your Zoom video file(s), login to Echo360 by visiting UNCW's Office 365 Apps and selecting "Echo360" from the "All apps" section. 
  7. In Echo360, click "Create" from the top menu, and then choose "Upload Media."

    Echo360 Navigation bar showing the "Create" button and highlighting the "Upload Media" option
  8. You can upload videos from a variety of drives. Please select the option that matches the location of where you downloaded the Zoom recording.

    Echo360 upload options: My Device, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, OneDrive Business, Box
  9. After you select the necessary video file(s), click "Upload" in the bottom right-hand corner. 

    Echo360 upload window showing files to upload.
  10. Once uploaded, you will receive a pop up indicating whether or not your upload was successful. 

    Echo360 Upload Success Window which reads: Success! Your upload is now available from your Library area.
  11. The video will need to process before you can edit it, share a link or embed it. Processing times vary depending on the size of your video. Larger file size videos will take longer to upload (can take up to several hours). 

    Echo 360 Library showing a new video that is processing.


*Please note: Zoom cloud recording is a university-wide shared resource that has a finite storage limit. With recent growth in Zoom usage, we quickly approach our storage limit in the Zoom Cloud, which means we need to free up space by removing cloud recordings at the conclusion of each spring and fall semester. 

If you need further assistance, submit a service request or CHAT with TAC.

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