How do I Create a New Personal Web Page in Contribute?

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All faculty and staff have the ability to create a new personal Web page in Contribute.

*Please note: Before starting a new connection to your personal Web folder, there are a few things you will need to know. Contribute is a template based editor, and it works best if you start your Web page from one of the built-in templates. You may find it difficult to edit a Web page you have already created because there is no way to view or edit HTML directly in Contribute. You can also use your own custom template, but you will need to create it using more robust editing software like Adobe Dreamweaver. Custom templates are outside of the scope of this guide. You can find more information on creating custom templates by clicking here


  1. Connect to your personal Web folder, and delete its contents.
    • If you have information you wish to keep, put it in a separate folder or make a backup on your computer. Instructions for connecting to your Web folder can be found here.
  2. Open Contribute, and click to create a "Website Connection."

    Create a New Website Connection Page
  3. In the window that appears, make sure "Website" is selected from the drop down menu. The URL to your website should be similar to (with your UNCW email username). Select "Continue."

    Choosing a Connection Page
  4. In the next window, make sure "Local/Network" is selected from the drop-down menu. The Network path to your website should be similar to "www-docs:people:emailusername."
    • You can also use the "Browse…" button to navigate to your Web folder.

      Web Connection Info Page
  5.  In the next window, fill out your user information. It should look similar to the screen-shot below.

    User Info Page
  6. In the Role Info section, click to highlight "Administrator." Select "Continue," and then choose "Finish" to complete the connection.

    Role Info Page
  7. Your screen should now look similar to the picture below. Click the "New…" button to create the main page of your website.

    Webpage View
  8. In the window that appears, you can choose the format of your new Web page. You can start from a "Blank Web Page," but you will not have many options as far as customization. It is recommended that you choose from one of the templates in the left-hand pane. Don’t forget to enter a "Page title." Click "OK."

    New Web Page or Blog Entry Screen
  9. Your main Contribute should now look like the picture below. You can edit text, add links and change pictures. Choose "Publish" to save your site, and make it viewable by going to your Web page URL in an Internet browser.

    Example Main Page View
  10. You may be prompted with the following dialog box. Select "Yes."

    Contribute Pop-up
  11. In the next window, set your "Filename" to "index.htm." Use this filename only for the main page of your website.

    Publish New Page Screen
  12. You can now navigate to your website in an Internet browser using a URL similar to
    ("emailusername" is your UNCW email username).

    Internet View of Example main Page
  13. In Contribute, you can highlight text and then click the "Link" button to create a new webpage.

    Create new page from contribute menu.
  14. In the "Insert Link" window, choose your template and page title. Click "OK" to start creating the new page.

    Create a New Page Screen
  15. You can click the "Publish" button when you are ready to save your Web page.

    New Page Edit Screen
  16. If you followed the steps in this guide, the folder structure of your website should look similar to this:

    Folder Structure Screen


If you need further assistance, please submit a service request or CHAT with TAC.


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