How do I login to my Numbered or Secondary Banner Admin Pages account?


All staff with a primary and secondary Banner account can login to Banner Admin Pages.

*Please note: Banner is integrated with UNCW's Single Sign-on environment. To login to Banner with a secondary account, users must first Sign Out of both the primary Banner account and the primary UNCW account and then login to Banner with the secondary account.

  1. Click the "Sign Out" button in Banner.

    Red arrow pointing to the button used to Sign Out  of Banner
  2. Navigate to the mySeaport portal.

  3. Click the button in the top right corner (see image below).

  4. Click "Sign out" to sign out of the UNCW account.

    Image of mySeaport with pointers for clicking on the icon and then the signout option.

  5. Login to Banner with the secondary account you want to use.

  6. Once logged in, verify you are logged in to the correct account by clicking the menu button (three horizontal lines) in the top, left corner. Then, verify the name near the bottom of the menu.

    Red arrow pointing to the menu button (three horizontal lines) which would be clicked to verify the account name

*Please note: If you need to Sign In using another Banner account, you can repeat the steps above.

If you need further assistance, please submit a service request or CHAT with TAC.