How do I Set up a Shared Mailbox on my iOS Device (iPhone, iPad)?


How do I set up a shared mailbox on my iOS device (iPhone, iPad)?


All faculty, staff and students have the ability set up a shared mailbox on their iOS device.

  1. Go to "Settings." 
  2. Select  "Mail, Contacts and Calendars," then "Add Account."
  3. From the choices available, click "Other" near the bottom.
  4. On the "Other" screen, choose "Add Mail Account."
  5. In the new screen, you will enter:
    • Name: The name that will be displayed to recipients on email.

    • Email: The email address of the shared mailbox (e.g., 

    • Password: Your UNCW email password. 

    • Description: Your chosen description.

  6. Select "Next" to get to the full settings.

  7. On the following screen, confirm that "IMAP" is selected at the top.

  8. Scroll down. In the "Incoming Mail Server" section, enter the following values:

    • Host Name:

    • User Name: Your personal email address, followed by a forward slash, followed by the name of the shared mailbox.

    • Password: Your UNCW email password.

  9. Scroll down. In the "Outgoing Mail Server" section, enter the following values:

    • Host Name: 

    • User Name: Your full UNCW email address.

    • Password: Your UNCW email password.

  10. Click the "Next" button, and wait for the server to verify your settings.

  11. Choose your synchronization choices, and touch "Save" in the upper right corner. You will now find the shared account in your Mail app under Mailboxes.

If you need further assistance, please submit a service request or CHAT with TAC.


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