Software Installations, Updates and License Transfers

Service Overview

University-owned computers for faculty, staff and labs are set up with standard software. There are many times when other software is also needed.  Please see the Getting Started section for how to determine what software is available as well as how to purchase software.  This service should also be used if you need assistance updating existing software or transferring a license.

Available To

Faculty and Staff


Allows faculty and staff to utilize more specialized software for their business or instructional needs.

Getting Started

To install software on your UNCW-owned computer, first reference the Campus Software List

  1. If the software you would like to install is listed and the “Software Center or Self Service” column says “Yes” or “faculty & staff only,” you can install the software through Software Center (Windows) or Self Service (Mac) without submitting this service request.  
  2. If the software is listed and the “Software Center or Self Service” column is blank: 
    • If the “Campus Agreement Covers Cost” column says “Yes” or “limited access for Fac/Staff,” submit this service request.  

    • If the “No Cost” column says “Yes,” submit this service request.  

    • If the “License(s) can be Purchased” column says “Yes” and the “Campus Agreement Covers Cost” is blank, submit the “Software/IT Related Solution Form” on  uShop

  3. If the software is not listed:
    • Please submit this request if the software is freeware/no-cost.
    • Please submit the “Software/IT Related Solution Form” on  uShop if the software requires the purchase of a license.

      *Please note: Software requests submitted via uShop will be vetted to ensure compliance with ITS security and data governance policies. Please wait to hear about the status of your request before purchasing a license. Once the software order has been completed and you receive confirmation from the vendor, you may submit this service request with your purchase order number if ITS assistance is needed for the installation.

      Common software is available in Horizon. Horizon is a cloud-based virtual software repository that allows you to use common software without installing it on your computer. Please view the full list of Horizon software on the Campus Software List.

      License transfers: When requesting a license transfer through this service request, including the name of the person currently licensed to use the software and the name of the new person receiving the license. 

Fees/Additional Costs

Fees or additional costs may be involved depending upon the software needed.

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