Malware (Virus, Worm, Trojan, Spyware) Removal

Service Overview

New viruses are released every day and even with anti-virus software running, computers can become infected.  Most frequently computers become infected by clicking a link in an email from an unknown sender or visiting a website that contains malicious software.  ITS will do everything they can to remove malicious software but sometimes, the only way to completely remove the virus is to re-image (wipe it clean and start over) the computer. 

Available To

Faculty, Staff and Students


Removing viruses keeps your devices secure and running efficiently.

Getting Started

University-owned computers:  If you have run a full virus scan and continue to get pop-ups or your device behaves unusually, submit a service request.

Personally-owned computers: ITS recommends that you take your personal computer to TAC Repairs for diagnostic and virus removal.

Fees/Additional Costs

Fees apply to personally-owned devices only.

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