Convert Multimedia to Digital Formats


Faculty with legacy media can:

  1. Preserve physical media by converting to digital format.
  2. View all video content via online streaming/web link.
  3. Link video content to Canvas.

Getting Started

Please complete and upload these copyright worksheets with the digitization request:

a. Fair Use worksheet
b. Teach Act worksheet (applicable for online courses)

About this Service

If you are considering converting media for course materials, check the Streaming Video guide to locate licensed media available from the Randall Library.

UNCW faculty who wish to have media converted from one format to another (e.g., VHS to a digital file or DVD) should be aware of applicable provisions of copyright law before making requests. Under ยง106 of the United States copyright law, the owner of the copyright in a work has the exclusive right to make copies of that work, unless an exception applies. When considering reformatting media, please note that individuals do not have an automatic right to reformat a work from one format to another. In order to legally convert media, your use must fall into one of the following categories:

  • you own the copyright in the work,
  • you have permission from the owner of the copyright,
  • you have done a fair use analysis and have determined that fair use applies, or
  • you have done a TEACH Act analysis and have determined that the TEACH Act applies (online classes only).

Note: Have you contacted your liaison librarian at Randall Library about acquiring the item in a streaming format? Please do so before submitting a request.

Fees/Additional Costs

Free to Academic Departments during regular business hours.

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