Captioning Services Request

Why request this service?

As part of UNCW commitment to providing accessible course (asynchronous, synchronous, web-enhanced) material, UNCW Distance Education and eLearning is offering closed captioning and transcription services for video and audio files in English and/or any other foreign language (educational purposes only). Closed captions or transcripts enhance learning and allow for a greater number of students with diverse learning needs to access a variety of media content.

Distance Education and eLearning will return your captioned media within two weeks of the request.

Available Options*:

  1. Closed Captioning: timed-text is shown on screen as the video plays (attached to your video) 
  2. Transcripts: converts your audio to an editable text document. (Provided a word document and instructor is responsible for storing it. 

*If you are not the primary owner of the video/audio, DEeL can only provide you a transcript for your requested video. For more information, please email

For Canvas Users: Please make sure that your video is not uploaded directly into Canvas. We will not be able to get captions for your video, if the video is uploaded directly into Canvas. 

Each course in Canvas has 2.1 GB of space. That is a large amount of space for smaller files (document, PDFs, PPTs, etc.) but when you upload larger files like videos, it takes up half of that space or more depending on how many videos you have. You can upload directly but it will get to the point where the course will give you an error message about space and will not allow you to upload anything in your course. Also, uploading directly will cause playback issues due to the size.

To prevent you and your students from experiencing technical issues with your videos or from your course crashing, we would suggest embedding or linking as much as you can with your videos so it can save space for other content like documents and PowerPoints in your course. For captions, your video will need to stored in Echo360. For more information about Echo360, please check out our Echo360 Cheat Sheet

For VoiceThread Users: If you are requesting for captions for your VoiceThread presentations, please email Avianne Harris ( for more information on how to get your VT presentations captioned.

For Zoom Users: If you are requesting for captions for your Zoom recordings that are stored on your Zoom account, our captioning service is only available for videos that are stored outside of your Zoom account

What are the features of this service?

Provides Close Captioning/Transcripts for easier understanding of content.

Who can request this service?


Are there any fees or additional costs?

There are no fees or additional costs required to request closed captioning and transcription services.

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