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How do I Add VoiceThread to a Course?

voicethread ... Answer All faculty and staff have the ability to add VoiceThread to a course they are teaching in Canvas. If you need further assistance, please submit a service request or CHAT with TAC.

How do I Create and Submit a VoiceThread as an Assignment?

voicethread ... Question Answered in VoiceThread's Knowledge Base All students have the ability to use, create and submit a VoiceThread as an assignment.     How do I create, comment and submit a

How Do You Build A PowerPoint Poll In TurningPoint (PC)? (video tutorial)

Question How do you build a PowerPoint poll in TurningPoint? Answer Faculty and staff who have access to TurningPoint software have the ability to make PowerPoint polls.   Video on how

How do I Access Training for Microsoft OneDrive?

tutorial ... Answer All faculty, staff and students have the ability to access on-demand training and resources for Microsoft OneDrive.   On-demand Training & Resources   Microsoft OneDrive help

How do I Learn More about Adobe Programs?

tutorial ... .   Creative Cloud Tutorials - From novice to expert.   Adobe Education Exchange - The free learning platform and community, designed by educators for educators, to ignite creativity in the classroom

How Do You Build A PowerPoint Poll In TurningPoint (MAC)?

Question How Do You Build A PowerPoint Poll In TurningPoint (MAC)? (video tutorial) Answer Faculty and staff who have access to TurningPoint software have the ability to make PowerPoint

How to Activate and Set-Up your new Phone

)    Press the messages button on your phone.   or  Enter the default PIN number (12345) and then press (#). The welcome tutorial will start.   Record your first and last

Captioning Services Request

requested videos are stored on YouTube, DEeL can only provide you with a written transcript.  For VoiceThreads: VoiceThreads are now automatically captioned when created in Canvas. To learn more

How do I Install and Use Mathematica?

.   Install Mathematica and enter your activation key obtained in step 4 when prompted.   Use, Research and Teach with Mathematica   Tutorials   TECH TIP: The first 3

How do Faculty download Respondus Test-Building Software?

quick start guide as well as video tutorials, visit the Respondus Resources' website.   *Please note: It is the department's responsibility to keep track of software licensing. This information

How do I Request Access to Banner Admin Pages?

Student Accounts access, contact Financial Systems at View ticket tutorial and more information on functional roles Banner Finance Banner Finance & SSRS

What do I need to know Prior to Submitting a Banner Finance Campus User Access Request?

will be described in this ticket tutorial. Every department on campus may have different internal procedures for requesting access. As such, it is recommended that each department designate a person