How do I Access Microsoft Project?



All faculty, staff and students have the ability to access Microsoft Project for educational/academic purposes.

*Please note: The following steps below apply for only Academic/Educational use only.
For Business use, please click here to learn how to acquire Microsoft Project.


Access Microsoft Project on a Mac 


  1. If you are on a Mac computer, you will have to use Horizon ( to access Microsoft Project. 
  2. A UNCW faculty-staff member may submit a ticket request here for their classes. Make sure to include the course section information (for example csc-101-003, Spring 2020), so we can add that section to the access list in Horizon, as it is not available to everyone.


Install Microsoft Project on a Windows PC

  1. Using your personal (non-UNCW owned computer), open an Internet browser.
  2. Sign into your UNCW Office 365 account. 
  3. Go to Microsoft Azure for Education
    • If asked, sign in with your UNCW account. 
    • Be patient as the portal loads.
    • If prompted, review and agree to the Microsoft EULA. 
  4. You are now in the Azure for Education portal.
  5. Select "Software" from the Learning Resources menu.
  6. Browse or search for the software, "Project Professional 2016 or 2019."
  7. Based on your search results, select the software you want to download. A window for the software will open on the right side.
  8. Select “View Key” to copy the product key you will need for installing the software.
  9. Select “Download” to start downloading the software. The file is quite large, so be prepared to wait for it to complete.
  10. Locate the downloaded file, and double-click to install.
  11. You may need to enter the product key at the end of the installation process.
  12. If you have an older version of Microsoft Office (2016 or earlier) or Project (2016 or earlier) then you may have an installation issue. Depending on the error message you may be able to get TAC to help. Take a screenshot of the error message, and contact the TAC (
  13.  Congratulations on installing Microsoft Project Professional for education use only.

*Please note: MS Project training is available through Skillport.


If you need further assistance, please submit a service request or CHAT with TAC.


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