How do I Upload Files to my Personal Web Folder?

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All students have the ability to upload files and make changes to their Web folder.

*Please note: If you are off-campus and trying to upload files to your student Web folder, please connect to the Virtual Private Network (VPN) first. 


Windows Operating System Instructions

  1. Open "File Explorer," and go to "This PC" or "Computer."

    Click on This PC or Computer in the File Explorer
  2. Right-click in the white space, and select "Add a network location."

    Right click on the white space and click add a network location
  3. When the "Add Network Location Wizard" loads, click "Next."
  4. Select "Choose a custom network location," and select "Next."
  5. In the Internet address box type "\\www-people\www-docs\people\your-UNCW-username" and click "Next."
    Example: \\www-people\www-docs\people\seahawks 
  6. Uncheck "Log on anonymously," then enter your UNCW username (without

    Uncheck log on anonymously and enter your username
  7. Click "Next."
  8. Give your Network a name, and click "Next."
  9. Select "Finish."
  10. Your first time accessing the folder will bring up a login window. Enter your UNCW username (without the "") and password. Click "Log On" to open the folder.

    Log On As pop-up box asking you to enter your e-mail password in the login prompt
  11. To save files to the Web folder, simply drag them into the folder, or copy and paste the files.

MacOS Instructions

  1. In the Finder, click on the "Go" menu, and then "Connect to Server..."

    Open Finder, navigate to the Go Menu at the top, then select "Connect to Server"
  2. Type in "smb://" (do not use "@uncw" for username). Click "Connect" (see example below).
    Example: smb://

    Type in the server address "smb://" example is abc1234 - do not use ""
  3. Authenticate with your UNCW username and password.
  4. Drag files to your Web folder to upload them to your website, or copy and paste the files.

If you need further assistance, submit a service request or CHAT with TAC.

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