How do I Find Out What Will Happen to my UNCW Account and Data Once I Retire?


I will be a retired staff or faculty member. What happens to my UNCW account and its data?


All faculty and staff have the ability to know what happens to their account and its data after they retire.

*Please note: After HR processes your retiree paperwork, ITS will convert your UNCW account to retiree status.

Retiree accounts:

  • Are restricted to UNCW email access only (such as through, Outlook for Desktop on a personal subscription, or a mail app on a mobile device). Credentials will not work on any other UNCW website or application. 

  • Are not able to sign into campus computers or access hawkwifi. The seahawkguest WIFI network will still be available for use on campus.
  • Will lose access to files in Sammy and OneDrive unless you previously backed this information up to another location.

  • Will lose access to Office software installed on a personal device through the university provided Office 365 subscription. This software will go into read-only mode. Should you wish to continue to use Office software, please purchase a personal subscription. 
  • Can still sign into Seanet using your 850 ID number and PIN

If you will still be paid:

In general, your UNCW account will not have the above restrictions for the length of time you continue to receive a paycheck.

If you begin to be paid by the university again, ITS can convert your account to temporary status (removing the restrictions above) by request. Please ask your department head or chair to submit a request to change your account to temporary status. Expiration date must be requested (six months maximum). If banner is later updated by your department with a new expiration date, your account will be extended automatically.

If you are an unpaid volunteer or Adjunct:

If you will have an ongoing relationship with the university in a volunteer capacity, please ask you department head or chair to submit a request for a volunteer account. Additionally, please specify if there is an existing retiree account and provide an exact expiration date (six months maximum). Please specify any additional resources/permissions needed beyond email/local computer login.

If you have been designated as an Adjunct appointee (with approval of the Board of Trustee's), Susan Gray will put in a request with ITS. Adjunct accounts expire 6/30 of each year. Please have your department open a ticket to specify any additional resources/permissions needed beyond email/local computer login.

*Please note: Failure to renew all account types by the specified expiration date/period will result in your account being reverted to standard retiree restrictions. You will receive a reminder email before a temporary or volunteer/adjunct status is set to expire.

If you need further assistance, please submit a service request or CHAT with TAC.


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