How do I Submit an ITS Project Request?


All faculty and staff have the ability to submit a project request.

  1. Open mySeaport.
    • Select "myTAC."
         Image of header from mySeaport
  2. Select "Browse our Service Catalog" in the "Submit a Help Ticket." box

    Image of Submit a Help Ticket box from myTAC home page

  3. Select "Reporting, Surveys & Forms, ITS Projects ("
  4. Select "ITS Project Management ("
  5. Select "ITS Project Requests ("
  6. Select "Request Projects" in the upper right hand of the window.

    Image of the Request Projects Button
    • Please note that prior to submitting your project request, you must obtain management level authorization.
    • Complete all "required fields," which are marked with red asterisks.
    • For a more detailed request, please also complete the pertinent non-required fields.
    • If you have questions about what each request box means, click the question mark above the box for a description.
    • After this page is completed go back to the top and select "Save."
      • You can always go back and edit your request even after saving.
  7. On the next page select "Review and Submit."

    Image of Page notifying submitter that the Draft Request has been created.
  8. On the next page you are given the opportunity to provide additional information.

    Image of page allowing submitter to add more detail to heir project request.

  9.  Click "Systems Affected" on the left panel to add any systems that you believe will be affected by the project.
    • Choose the green "Add" button to add systems.
    • Add one system at a time from the drop-down menu (or choose "other" from the drop-down and enter the system in the comments box).
    • After you are done, select "Mark Complete."
  10. Select "Files" to upload any files you would like to include in your project request. After you are done, select "Mark Complete."
  11. Select "Risk Register" to add any risks you would like to include in your project request. After you are done, select "Mark Complete."
  12.  On the main part of the page select "Mark and Complete and Submit."
    • If you have left any sections incomplete a window will pop up giving you the option to go back and complete them. If you want to make updates, select “Cancel” otherwise select “Mark Complete and Submit.”

      Image of window that displays when all sections are not marked complete.
  13. Finally, you will see this window, indicating that your request has been submitted.

    Image of window that is displayed when you have successfully submitted at Project Request.

    To understand what happens to a request once it has been submitted please review:

    How Does the IT Project Request Approval Process Work?

Click here to Submit an ITS Project Request or CHAT with TAC

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