How do I Submit an ITS Project Request?


All faculty and staff have the ability to submit a project request.

  1. Start on the UNCW TeamDynamix Client page: (link also provided below).
    • Click the link: "Services."
    • Enter your UNCW credentials.
    • Click: "Reporting, Select Survey, & ITS Project Requests."
    • Choose: "ITS Project Management."
    • Select: "ITS Project Request."
  2. Select "Request Projects."
    • Please note that prior to submitting your project request, you must obtain management level authorization.
    • Complete all "required fields," which are marked with red asterisks.
    • For a more detailed request, please also complete the pertinent non-required fields.
    • If you have questions about what each request box means, click the question mark above the box for a description
  3. After this page is completed, click  "Mark Complete" or "Save."
    • Clicking on either button does not mean your request is officially submitted.
    • You can always go back and edit your request even after marking complete or saving.
  4. You are prompted to the next page where you will see your Business Case with General, Systems Affected and Files to mark complete.

  5. Click the "General" link on the left panel to view the information you have already filled out.
  6. Click "Systems Affected" on the left panel to add any systems that you believe will be affected by the project.
    • Choose the green "Add" button to add systems.
    • Add one system at a time from the drop-down menu (or choose "other" from the drop-down and enter the system in the comments box).
    • After you are done, mark "Complete."

*Please note: Even if you have no systems to add, you still must mark this section "Complete."

  1. Select "Files" to upload any files you would like to include in your project request.

*Please note: If you have no files to include, you still must mark this section Complete.

  1. Once you have marked all sections complete, your Business Case should look like this:

  2. Select "Review and Submit."
    • On this page, you can review everything you have put into your Business Case.
    • You have the options to submit, print and comment in the Feed (feed is located at the bottom of the page).
  3. Select "Submit."

Click here to Submit an ITS Project Request or CHAT with TAC

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