Privileged Access Request

Why request this service?

*Please note: Acceptance of the administrator access agreement is required. Therefore, this service request must be submitted only by the individual requesting administrator access.

To better protect university stakeholders from IT security threat, UNCW computers issued since 2017 are no longer provided with local administrator privileges. We recognize administrator privileges are sometimes necessary to facilitate instruction, research and other university business.

Individual(s) requesting administrator access (e.g. to install university-approved software) should submit their request here. You will need to provide the machine's service tag (Windows) or serial number (Mac) and include a brief justification. Please CHAT with TAC via the myTAC portal if you require assistance making this request.

What are the features of this service?

Faculty/Staff options:

  • Temporary administrator password
  • Permanent administrator access to their university-owned device

IT Administrators additionally have these options:

  • Administrator account access to a group of machines on campus (i.e., Computer lab)
  • Server administrator access

Student Options

  • Administrator access for research purposes
  • Elevated network permissions to allow access to network resources such as remote desktop

    *Please note: Admin rights are not automatically extended in conjunction with the extension of a UNCW account. Inactivity of 90 days will terminate admin user privileges.

Who can request this service?

Faculty/Staff, IT Administrators, Students engaged in research, teaching, work-study, or work assist

Are there any fees or additional costs?

No additional cost