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Recording Services for Lectures & other Media Captures

Service Overview

Technology support and recording services (DE classrooms, mobile solutions, or personal capture software available).  Submit a ticket for assistance with recording, uploading, & managing media captures (e.g. lectures, presentations, interviews, how-to's etc.).using Echo360, Mediasite, Blackboard.

Available To

Faculty, Staff and Students


Capture or record classes, presentations or related media content using:

  1. Distance Education classrooms or recording studios (available by reservation).
  2. Mobile recording equipment (available upon request).
  3. Personal capture software provided for individual content production and management.


Getting Started

Please click the "submit a ticket" button and include the following information:

  1. Description
  2. Service type (software, mobile equipment, or Distance Education classroom)
  3. Date needed
  4. Start/End time 
  5. # of local participants (if DE classroom reservation is required).

Fees/Additional Costs

No charge to academic departments for academic support programs.