How do I use Remote Desktop (Windows to Windows and Mac to Windows)?


All faculty, staff and students have the ability to use Remote Desktop to view their designated on-campus computers.

*Please note: Remote Desktop allows you to remotely connect to an on-campus computer, even if you are off-campus. Remote Desktop is helpful for teleworking. UNCW-owned Windows computers will have the “Remote Desktop Connection” program installed locally. However, using Horizon is recommended because a VPN Connection is not required for access off-campus.

There are several efficient teleworking tools available that can be used instead of Remote Desktop. Consider an alternative teleworking tool for your use case. For example:

For a comprehensive list of teleworking tools, visit the ITS Teleworking Resources website.

  • Students: Student accounts must have a change made before Remote Desktop can be used for the first time. Please have the faculty or staff member you are working with submit a service request to have your account added to the appropriate active directory group. Wait for confirmation that your account has been added before proceeding.
  • It is not possible to use remote desktop between two laptops connected to hawkwifi or hawkwifi and your local wireless router at home, at least one of the laptops must be using a wired Ethernet connection.

Windows to Windows and Mac to Windows

  1. Locate the service tag of the on-campus Windows computer to be remotely accessed. The seven-character alphanumeric service tag is written on the silver/grey UNC Wilmington sticker typically placed on the top of a desktop computer. Write down the service tag as it will be used in step 2 of these instructions.
  2. Submit a service request with your service tag to request that your username on your computer be enabled for remote desktop.
    Wait for confirmation that this change has been made before proceeding.
  3. Log in to Horizon and open “Remote Desktop Connection.” More information about using Horizon is available in this article.

    The "Remote Desktop Connection" program in Horizon circled in red.
  4. In the "Computer" text box, type the service tag of the computer you want to access (obtained in step 1).

    TECH TIP: To show all monitors in a dual monitor setup, select "Show Options" > "Display" > "Use all my monitors for the remote session."

  5. Click the “Connect” button.

    Remote Desktop Connection window that has the "Computer" textbox with "service tag here" inserted and the "Connect" button circled in red.

  6. Log in with your UNCW username (without the and password as you normally would when logging in to your computer. Select "OK."

    *Please note: If you are having issues logging in or your credentials do not seem to be working correctly, type "uncw\yourusername" (note backslash) in the username field instead.

  7. To end your remote connection, click on “Start,” and then select “Log Off” at the bottom of the "Start" menu.

If you need further assistance, please submit a service request or CHAT with TAC.

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