How do I request an Account for a non-UNCW Guest?


How do I request an Account for a non-UNCW Guest?


All faculty and staff have the ability to request a guest account.

Submit a request through the Service Catalog:

  1. Click the following link: Request or Extend a UNCW Account for Guests, Vendors or Temporary Employees
  2. Click on "Submit a Ticket."
  3. Include the following in your request:
    • Full name of the UNCW sponsor and contact number.
    • Full name of the guest.
    • Guest's email address and cell phone number.
    • Expiration date of the guest account.

*Please note the following:

  • Guest accounts are access and time limited.
  • Guest accounts must adhere to the same rules and regulations for that of any ITS user account.
  • Guest accounts are set up using the following format:
    • prefix_identifier_initial.
      • Where prefix identifies type of guest.
        • vnd - vendor, gst - guest, con - contractor, etc.
      • Identifier is either company, organization, or grouping.
      • Initials are of the person responsible for the account.
  • These accounts will not have email addresses unless you have special approval.
  • If you are requesting multiple guest accounts, please attach a spreadsheet to your submission with this information.

If you need further assistance, please submit a service request or CHAT with TAC.

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