Adding Computer Hardware Asset to a Departments Inventory

Why request this service?

If you have a computer that is not appearing on your inventory report in the TIM Verify application and need to have it added.  This service may also be used to change the status of a computer from "In Use" to "Inventory" when you need to place a computer back into your departments inventory.

*Please note: This service should not be used for:

  • Transferring a computer asset to another Custodian/Owner/User.
  • Transferring a computer to another department.
  • Transferring a computer from one physical location to another.
  • Sending a computer to Surplus Warehouse.

    When you need to transfer a computer use the Computer Transfer Request if you need to send a computer to Surplus Warehouse use the Surplus Request for a Computer, Mobile Device, or Server.


What are the features of this service?

  • Adding a computer to departmental inventory because the service tag/serial number was not found in the departments inventory in TIM Verify. The computer may be "In Use" or it may be in the departments "Inventory" for future use/deployment.
  • Moving a computer owned by your department from "In Use" to "Inventory." In this scenario the computer was actively being used, but for one reason or another, the computer is no longer "In Use" and is not being sent to the Surplus Warehouse, and needs to be returned to the status of "Inventory" so that the computer can deployed by the department in the future.

    *Please note:  If you need to request to have 5 or more computers added to your departments inventory, update this spreadsheet Add Computers to Inventory and attach to the request prior to clicking the submit button. 

Who can request this service?

Faculty & Staff

Are there any fees or additional costs?

There are no fees or additional costs for this service.

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