Computer Transfer (DO NOT USE FOR SURPLUS)

Why request this service?

When a UNCW owned computer (laptop or desktop), is to be transferred from one employee to another, this form shall be completed after the computer has been physically moved to its new location, either by the requesting department or Moving Services. Note that ITS does not move equipment. 

Once this request is received, ITS will update the computer inventory system with the new "owner," perform a data sanitization on the equipment, and configure the device for the person receiving it. 

*Please note: This service should not be used for Surplus requests. To surplus a computer go to the UNCW Computer Tracking System.

What are the features of this service?

For the person receiving this device, this service includes:

  • Assistance with the transfer of data files from the old device to the new device.
    It is recommended that you store data files on cloud-based solutions such as OneDrive or SharePoint and not on local devices.
    This will:
    1) ease transitions with future computer transfers,
    2) provide a secure location for data files,
    3) provide convenience for a person when accessing data files from another device/location.
  • Installation of all UNCW standard software.
  • Installation of additional software when a valid proof-of-purchase or license is provided.
  • Peripheral connections (e.g. printers).  

Getting Started:

  • Physically relocate equipment.
  • Complete this Service Request and include a list of all additional software that is outside the UNCW standard software
  • Begin to relocate all data files from prior devices to OneDrive or Sharepoint. Your Computer Consultant can also assist you with this.

Who can request this service?

For faculty and staff.

Are there any fees or additional costs?

There are no fees or additional costs for this service.

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