How do I Order Non-Creative Cloud Applications for my Office Computer?



All faculty and staff have the ability to request non-Creative Cloud software.

*Please note: It is the department's responsibility to keep track of software licensing. This information may be needed if a computer is re-imaged or a new computer is set up for the user. If this information cannot be obtained from the department, the software may not be able to be re-installed or transferred to a new machine.  


Adobe Applications Not Part of UNCW’s Creative Cloud License:

Adobe Applications that Need to be Purchased Separately:
*Please note: UNCW now uses a Content Management System called Cascade. If you need Contribute, please contact Tami Mansur at before purchasing to see if a license can be reallocated to you or your department.
ColdFusion Enterprise
Font Folio


Order Process:

  1. Request a quote for "Pricing" and a "Catalog Number" by contacting the vendor, Computer Intelligence Association (CIA), directly at (301) 762-1051 or

    *Please note: Purchasing the software CD is not necessary since you can Remote Desktop to your university computer and use the software installed on it, from any machine off-campus.
  2. Order using one of the following two methods:
    • Method 1 (preferred method):

      (1) The university prefers that you use a departmental P-card to order Adobe Application licenses, since the licenses are a small dollar amount. 

      (2) To place an order with your P-card, call CIA (the vendor) directly at (301) 762-1051.
    • Method 2 (if a departmental P-card is not permissible):

      (1) Log in to uShop

      (2) From the home page, select the "Adobe" button, which will open an "Order Form" with instructions.

      (3) Enter the "Product Description," "Catalog No.," "Quantity" and "Price" into the appropriate fields.  If you obtained an email quote from CIA, you may attach that to the Requisition for ease of ordering.

      (4) To simplify ordering and tracking, add the name of the individual who will receive the software in the "Ship-To" field.

      (5) If ordering multiple licenses, you can add a "Comment" or "Internal note" in uShop.

      (6) Be sure to "Receive" the product in uShop.
  3. Once you receive the license confirmation from CIA, forward the confirmation PDF file to Tami Mansur at along with the name(s) of the individual(s) receiving the software.
  4. To have the software installed on your computer, please submit the ticket request form located here. Please attach your confirmation PDF to the form before you submit it.
  5. File the confirmation of purchase/license information in a safe place.

*Reminder: Please keep track of software licensing information. If this information cannot be obtained from the department, the software may not be able to be re-installed or transferred to a new machine.

If you need further assistance, please contact the TAC at 910-962-4357, or submit a service request.


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