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"View Only" Access to ImageNow

Service Overview

ImageNow is UNCW's Enterprise Content Management solution. This tool enhances information accessibility, promotes organized collaboration and secures content in all its forms. ImageNow is also a computer-client software enabling the scanning of documents into a central solution. WebNow, while related, is different from the computer-client solution. WebNow most commonly provides access to content already scanned into the system via a Web browser and allows for uploading of documents.

Request to provide a user with "view only" access to ImageNow drawer(s).

Available To

Faculty and Staff


This request will provide a user view only access to the drawer requested.

Getting Started

Please click the "submit a ticket" button. 

The ImageNow View Only Drawer Request form should be completed and signed before placing this request.    ImageNow View Only Drawer Request form  This form can scanned and attached to this request.

Fees/Additional Costs

No charge