Change UNCW Password with Enterprise Connect on Mac Computers


How do I change my UNCW password with Enterprise Connect on my Mac?


If installed, all faculty and staff have the ability to change their UNCW password with Enterprise Connect on their Mac computers.

  1. Click on the Enterprise Connect icon in your Menu Bar, and select "Change Password…"

    change password screen in enterprise connect
  2. Change your password according to UNCW Security Policy 7.100.02 (PDF).

    login screen to password change

  3. Enter you new password again to verify, and then click "Change Password."

    another screenshot of password change page
  4. You will see this message if password was changed successfully!

    password change successful

  5. Once your UNCW password has been changed, your Keychain password on your Mac is automatically changed as well without having to logoff or restart.

*Please note: You may have Enterprise Connect installed on multiple Macs, but this application will only automatically update the Keychain password on the Mac that is used to change your UNCW password. It is advised to use Enterprise Connect on your main Mac computer to change your UNCW password for the Keychain to automatically update. Secondary Macs that also have Enterprise Connect installed will recognize your UNCW domain password change and prompt for your new password, but you will still need to follow the process of updating your Keychain manually on these Macs.

If you need further assistance, please submit a service request or CHAT with TAC.

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