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Reporting (SSRS) Access Request

Why request this service?

You will need to submit this ticket after the appropriate request form has been signed.

SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)

If you need access to data contained within UNCW's centralized reporting tool, please request this service. Only appropriately credentialed individuals are eligible to gain access to relevant data via a web browser.  

Additional Information

Information about using SSRS can be found at the following link:   How to use SSRS

Use this Link to Access Request Form or download the applicable form on the right side of the screen. The appropriate Data Custodian will process the request.

Data Custodians
Department Name
Admissions Brenda Kresse
Financial Aid Seth Ellis
Housing Carrie Hammer
Registrar Albie Lange
Student Accounts Susan Suits
Human Resources Julia Shook
Finance  Julia Shook

Who can request this service?

Faculty, Staff and Students

Are there any fees or additional costs?

There are no fees or additional costs.

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Reporting Role Definition.pdf

2/23/2017 11:39:54 AM 

Reporting User - Finance.pdf

2/23/2017 11:40:19 AM 

Reporting User - General.pdf

2/23/2017 11:40:19 AM 

Reporting User - HR.pdf

7/26/2016 9:14:50 AM 

Reporting User - Student.pdf

2/23/2017 11:40:19 AM