Office Phone and Voicemail Service Request

Why request this service?

This service can be used to add, modify or remove office phone services, voicemail services, special call handling features, and fax services. The below are examples of the services that can be requested.

  • Activating a new or temporary line of phone service for making and receiving calls.
  • Requesting softphone service.

    *Please note: requests for softphone service must be submitted by the subscriber of the service. Please do not attempt to submit on the behalf of other faculty and staff members. This is due to the fact that the subscriber must click to agree with the softphone terms and conditions.

  • Move an existing phone or fax service from the current location to a different location. An example move could be to a different wall jack within the same room or to a different room and/or building.
  • Disconnecting phone services and stop billing.
  • Requesting additional features or changes to features for existing phone services.
  • Request features or changes to existing voicemail services.
  • Requesting a name change to assign a subscriber to an existing phone.

What are the features of this service?

There are several features that this service provides:

  • Requests for purchase of new phone services
  • Moving existing services vs. establishing new services when the faculty or staff member wishes to keep their existing extension due to the length of time having the extension or due to publication of the phone number.
  • Upgrading or downgrading services or phone equipment. Service can be changed from one service tier to another based on service needs. 7841 is the standard desk phone model, however, subscribers can upgrade to the advance 8851 model with a bigger screen and an 8800 KEM expansion module for additional speed dial buttons.
  • Assistance with phone feature programming to include:
    • phone display name change
    • call pick-up groups
    • hunt group updates
    • service hour modifications
  • Voicemail feature modifications such as assign/re-assign subscribers.

*Tech Tip: There are now features that subscribers can program themselves using the self-service online portals such as speed dials, resetting voicemail PINs, call forwarding, etc. For more information please see these knowledge base articles: How to Activate and Set-up your New PhoneHow do I Configure Call Forwarding How do I Configure Speed Dials 


Who can request this service?

Faculty and Staff

Are there any fees or additional costs?

Please see  What are the Fees and other Charges for Communication Services? for more information on fees or additional costs.

*Please be advised: If the service request does involve charging the faculty or staff member any fees or additional costs you will be required to provide the Department Head, Budget Authority person, and the Fund to Bill Number. The Department Head and Budget Authority person will receive emails from this application, requesting their approval prior to the new services being provided. If the requests are not approved within 30 days they will be canceled and new requests will need to be submitted.