Computer Consultation Request

Why request this service?

Before you purchase a computer or computing equipment, it is advised that you consult with an ITS Client Solutions Technician. This service can also be used to request a consultation for any of the following reasons:

  • Assistance with analyzing current technology and getting a quote to upgrade/replace computer equipment.
  • Review current computer technology setup and assist with efficiencies.
  • Discuss future technology needs to determine what to purchase.
  • Ask questions about the Technology Inventory Management Program, TIM Hub or TIM Verify.

    *Please note: This service should NOT be used to request assistance with a broken computer, reconnecting a computer, reimaging a computer, or setting up a new computer. 

    For computer hardware issues, please use the Computer (hardware) Issues & Errors service.
    For computer requests (new setup, reconnect, reimage) please use the Computer Setup Request for University Owned Computers service.

What are the features of this service?

Consultation with an ITS Client Solutions team member.

Who can request this service?

Faculty and staff. 

Are there any fees or additional costs?

There are no fees or additional costs for this service.