How do I Set up Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) with Duo Mobile on my UNCW Account?

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All UNCW accounts (students, faculty and staff) are required to use Duo Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).

TECH TIP: Please install the Duo app for your device. Get Duo Mobile iOS or Get Duo Mobile Android.


Setting up Duo

  1. Go to UNCW’s Enrollment Page, and log in to your account, if prompted. Duo will welcome you. 

    Welcome to Duo Security. Next.
  2. Click "next" on the Duo welcome page and Duo will display some helpful security related facts. Click next through them to proceed to the setup.

    Screen shot of What can you do?
  3. Select “Duo Mobile" (Recommended), "Security Key", or "Phone Number."
  4. For Duo Mobile:
    • Choose "Duo Mobile" on the "Select an option" window and enter your phone number for the mobile device you will have with you when authenticating into your account, and then click “Continue."

      Screen shot of enter your phone number.
    • For tablets, click on “I have a tablet” and you will not be prompted for a phone number. Skip to step 6 to proceed with the enrollment process. 

*Please note: Only enter your cell phone number. Landlines, including UNCW office extensions, are not supported.


  1. Make sure the phone number you entered is correct and Duo will send you a passcode to your phone once you click on “Send me a passcode” and you will then need to enter it and click "verify". 

    Screen shot of is this correct and confirm ownership.screen shot passcode sent.
  2. Now your phone number has been saved.  Make sure you have your Duo Mobile app installed on your authenticating device. Then click “Next” to setup your Duo mobile app on your device.

    Screen shot of download duo mobile.
  3. Scan the QR code from your mobile app.

    Screen shot of scan this code in duo mobile. It is a QR code.


    *Please note: If you cannot scan the QR code or if you are using a smartphone or tablet to enroll:

    • Click on "Get an activation link instead."
    • Type in your email address.
    • From your authenticating smartphone or tablet, open your mailbox and click on th email activation link and save your account.
    • Go back to the UNCW Enrollment page, and click "Continue." 
  4. Once you successfully enrolled, you will see your UNCW account displayed in the Duo Mobile App on your mobile device or tablet.

    Screen shot of added duo mobile.

An example indicating that a UNCW account has been set up through Duo Mobile App on the device.



2FA Self-Service Portal Configuration Options

To configure your 2FA options, please visit the Duo Self-Service portal.

*Please note: If you have a new device, or are prompted to reactivate Duo Mobile on an existing device, please follow the knowledge base article How do I Reactivate Duo Mobile on a New or Existing Device?

  • To give your phone a more descriptive name (change device name) or delete a device: 
    • Select "Edit."

      Screen shot of options to rename devices.
  • To add a second phone or tablet as an authentication method: 
    This is recommended if you don't always have your primary device with you.
    • Select "Add device" and Duo will guide you through the setup.

      Screen shot of add a device.



Do you have more questions about the Duo App?

If you have additional questions or troubleshooting issues regarding the Duo App, we highly recommend that you explore the DUO knowledge base.

If you need further assistance, submit a service request or CHAT with TAC.

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