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How do I Install Office 365?

Office ... Questions Answered in this Article How do I Install Office 365 on a Personally-Owned Computer? How do I Install Office 365 on a UNCW-owned Computer? Answer All faculty

Where Can I Find Training for Office 365?

Office365 ... Question Where can I find training on Office 365? Answer All faculty, staff and students can access training on Office 365. Office 365 training is available through Microsoft's Online

How do I Recover Deleted Items/Emails in Office 365?

Answer All faculty, staff and students have the ability to recover deleted items.   Log in to   Select the "Deleted Items" folder.   Select "Recover items

How do I Check what Version of Microsoft Office is Installed on my Computer?

Office ... Office 365 from the Software Center (Windows) or Self-Service (Mac) will automatically uninstall Office 2016. For more information, follow the article How do I Install Microsoft Office 365 on a UNCW

Office Phone and Voicemail Service Request

Requests to add, modify or remove office phone service, softphone, special features, voicemail and fax services. ... Why request this service? This service can be used to add, modify or remove office phone services, voicemail services, special call handling features, and fax services. The below are examples of

Issues or Repairs for Office Phone or Voicemail Services

Service Overview This service allows users to request assistance to solve office phone service, voicemail service, or communication equipment issues.  This service could include an on-site visit

How do I Order Non-Creative Cloud Applications for my Office Computer?

for my office computer? Answer All faculty and staff have the ability to request non-Creative Cloud software. *Please note: It is the department's responsibility to keep track of software

Office of Univ. Relations USE ONLY (Creation/Redesign/Redirects of Official Websites)

OfficeofUniversityRelations ... publication of UNCW and is managed jointly by ITS and the Office of University Relations.  If you already have an official website you may request a site redesign or redirect through the Office of

How do I access the Cybersecurity Awareness Training?

Questions Answered in this Article Question 1: How do I access Security Awareness Training from Office 365?  Question 2: How do I access Security Awareness Training from a Web browser

How do I Connect to Microsoft Teams?

. Personal Device   Visit Login with your UNCW credentials. Select the Microsoft 365 app launcher  Select "All Apps." Search for "Teams

How do I Create a Signature for my Shared Mailbox?

mailbox in Office Outlook 365   You can create multiple signatures to select and assign as needed by following the instructions provided by Microsoft Support. If you need further assistance, please submit a service request or CHAT with TAC.

Email & Calendar Issues

Service Overview The University offers comprehensive email and calendaring services to faculty, staff and students through Office 365. Available To Faculty, Staff and Students Features

How do I log in to the VPN with Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)?

Horizon.  VPN is not needed for the following services: Horizon Outlook Email / Office 365 Email Canvas OneDrive SharePoint Online Microsoft Teams Echo360 Zoom Office 365

How do I Set Up my UNCW Email and Calendar on IOS (iPhone/iPad) or Android?

Office ... Answer All faculty, staff and students have the ability to set up UNCW email (Office 365) on their mobile devices. *Please note: It is recommended that you download and use the Microsoft

How do I Archive my Email?

Outlook for Mac? How do I view archived email? What do I do with my PSTs? Answers All faculty, staff and students have the ability to archive email in Office 365. *Please