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Cloud-based software, Tealware, Adobe Creative Cloud, Excel, Maple, Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, SAS, SPSS, etc.

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Adobe Software

Information related to Adobe software & Creative Cloud


Information relating to Tealware

Microsoft Office

Information relating to any software that is part of the Microsoft Office suite.

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Fixing an Installer Stuck on “Verifying” in Mac OS X

Sometimes a .pkg file will get stuck on the "verifying" process and will need to be launched through the installer directly. This can be done by accessing finder, going to this path  /System/Library/CoreServices/, and open the installer application. From there you can run any package directly.

How Can I Check Which Operating System I'm Using?

How to figure our which operating system your computer is running.

How do I Change my default browser to work with Banner and Sharepoint?

Set Internet Explorer as the default browser so that Banner and Sharepoint automatically open in the correct browser.

How do I Clear Cache and Cookies in Google Chrome?

A "how to" on deleting your cache and cookies in the Google Chrome Browser

How Do I Clear Cache and Cookies in Safari?

A "how to" on deleting cache and cookies for the Safari Browser.

How do I fix a Browser Incompatibility Issue with SPMS?

How to fix browser issues with Surplus Management System.

SSRS Troubleshooting

SSRS Ultra Troubleshooting

What do I do if I am Locked Out of my Personal Computer?

What to do if you are locked out of your personal computer.

What do I do if SSRS, SPMS or UShop Won't Load?

What to do if SSRS, SPMS or uShop wont load.

How can I install the Faculty/Staff copier driver on my UNCW-owned Mac?

Instructions on how to install the UNCW Faculty/Staff copier driver from self service.

How can I install Read & Write Gold on my UNCW-owned Mac?

Installation instructions for Read & Write Gold 6 for UNCW owned Mac computers.

How can I install Read & Write Gold on my Personally-owned Mac?

Instructions for downloading and installing Read & Write Gold for personal Mac devices.