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UNCW Account

Account Unlock, Password Resets, Name Changes, Temporary & Guest Accounts, Account Extensions

Services (8)

Unlock your UNCW Account

Request help to have your UNCW account unlocked.

Reset Password for your UNCW Account

Reset the password for your UNCW account.

Other Issues with your UNCW Account

Request help (other than unlocking and resetting your password) with your UNCW account.

Request a Guest UNCW Account

Request a guest account for non-UNCW individuals.

Request Temporary UNCW Account for New Faculty & Staff

Request a new temporary UNCW account (including adjunct faculty).

Extend a Temporary UNCW Account for Faculty & Staff

Request to extend a temporary UNCW account for Faculty & Staff.

Name Change for your UNCW Account

Request a display name change for your UNCW account, such as, smithj to martinj.

Faculty / Staff Accounts (HUMAN RESOURCE USE ONLY)

Request Email / Domain Accounts (Outlook/OWA)