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3rd Party Tool Integration

Click here to submit a project request for an evaluation of a 3rd party tool integration into Blackboard.


Account Issues

Request help with your account ( if you cannot login.

Account Unlock - Banner

Request help to have your Banner account unlocked.

Account Unlock - Seanet

Request help to have a SeaNet account unlocked.

Account Unlock - SSRS (Reporting)

Creates a ticket to unlock an SSRS account.

Account Unlock - UNCW Domain Account

Request help to have your UNCW account unlocked.

Application and System Integration Adjustments

Request changes to an existing ITS developed data feed or integration for an application.

Application Bug Fixes & Minor Changes

Request a minor modification to an existing ITS custom developed web application or data integration between two systems.

Application Consultation/Project Request

UNCW employees can submit a project requesting web application consulting services, system integration or new application development.

Application Issue Reporting / Troubleshooting

Request help with an issue or error for a custom developed web application.

Applications Manager (Appworx)

UNCW’s Application Management Solution.

AV Consulting Services

This consulting service is for UNCW units, departments, and programs who have audio/visual services needs and require assistance with the process, proper selection of products, securing quotes, etc.

AV Special Event & Equipment Request

Audio, Video Display, Lighting, Video Capture and Streaming


Banner & Banner-related Bug Fixes & Minor Changes

Report a bug or request a minor change to feeds, processes, system integrations or workflows for Banner or Degree Works, eVisions, TutorTrac, TimeClock Plus, etc.

Banner & Banner-related Patch

Ticket. This service allows users to request the installation of a Banner or related system patch.

Banner & Banner-related Process, Feed, Workflow - New or Major Changes

Project request. UNCW Banner developer services project request to integrate with other systems.

Banner & Banner-related Product/Service Consultation

Project request. Banner developer consultation for potential products/services.

Banner & Banner-related Upgrade

Project request. SeaNet, GA DataMarts, DegreeWorks, TimeClockPlus, TutorTrac, FormFusion, Intellecheck, SciQuest, eInvoice, Spreadsheet budgeting, Event Management System, Master Calendar, Data Transfer.

Banner Access Request

Information on how to request access to Banner.

Banner Issues / Troubleshooting

Request help for various Banner issues.

Blackboard Course Merges

Request help with merging of rosters in multiple courses into one master course in Blackboard.

Blackboard Create Non-Banner Course

Request a Blackboard course for training or professional development.

Blackboard Creation of Non-Banner Account

Request a temporary Blackboard user account.

Blackboard General Issues/Errors

Request help with Blackboard Issues & Errors.


Cable TV Activation

Cable TV Service Activation.

Cable TV Issues/Troubleshooting

Cable TV issues and troubleshooting.

Cable TV Services Disconnect

Disconnect the Cable TV Service for a Subscriber.

Cabling - Cable TV Installation

Cable installation for Cable TV

Cabling - Infrastructure

New construction, renovations, and inter-structure for buildings.

Cabling - Voice/Data

Install voice/data and or data cabling

Classroom Instructor's Station

Information and support for classroom Instructor's Stations.


Electronic audience polling and testing.

Computer Hardware Troubleshooting

ITS provides computer hardware troubleshooting.

Computer Setup: New, Re-image and Reconnect

Setup and configuration, and/or reconnection of university-owned computers

Computer Transfers

ITS manages the computer inventory system which is the proper way to transfer a computer from one place or person to another, including disposal (Sending to Surplus).

Conference Call Request

Conference calling service request.

Content Boxes, TVs & Displays

Assistance with Digital Signage, Flat Panel TVs, Projectors, etc.

Course Delivery / Instructional Questions

Training & Resources to aid in the development of courses provided by The Office of e-Learning.

Create or Extend a Guest/Vendor Account

Request a guest account for non-UNCW individuals.


Database Administration

Requests for Oracle and/or SQL server.

DE Classroom Requests

WebEx, Skype, video conferencing, streaming media tools for classes, meetings, interviews, etc. (Mobile equipment available).

Distribution Group

Create, add, remove members, and request help for a distribution group.


Email Troubleshooting

Email and Calendar related issues.

Email/Domain Name Change

Request a display name change for your UNCW account, such as, smithj to martinj.

EMS/Master Calendar Support

Assistance with Event Management System (EMS) & The Campus Master Calendar


Faculty / Staff Accounts (HUMAN RESOURCE USE ONLY)

Request Email / Domain Accounts (Outlook/OWA)

File Storage

Questions, issues and new requests related to OneDrive for Business, Samba, Sammy, and Timmy.

Firewall Rule Request

The firewall protects UNCW's IT infrastructure.


Gaming Console / Entertainment Device

Connect your entertainment device

Google Analytics

Request Google analytics for a UNCW ( website.


ImageNow Group Access Request

Request new ImageNow group with user access or add users to an existing group.

ImageNow Hardware/Software Setup

Request help with installing a scanner and/or the ImageNow client.

ImageNow View Only Drawer Request

Request to provide a user with "view only" access to ImageNow drawer(s).

ImageNow/WebNow - Additions or Modifications in Functionality

Modify an ImageNow/WebNow process.

ImageNow/WebNow - New Department Consultation/Implementation Request

New implementation of ImageNow/WebNow.

ImageNow/WebNow Issues or Troubleshooting

Request help with ImageNow/WebNow issues.

Installing Software / Transferring License

Install or transfer software.

Intercoms - Classroom

Classroom intercoms connect to Classroom Operations and Campus Police.

iPhone & iPad Cracked Screen Repair

Repair your iPad & iPhone screens at B1NAR1ES.


UNCW's supported printing solution

ITS Project Request

Request a UNCW ITS project here.

ITSM / Service Catalog Changes / Suggestions

Service Catalog Management is the process responsible for providing and maintaining the ITS service catalog.


Laptop Checkout (must remain in Randall Library)

Laptop checkouts within the library.

Laptop Rentals

Laptop rentals by the day.

Laptop Repair (Non-University Owned)

Laptop repair service.

Lecture Capture

Record, upload and manage video content (e.g. classes, lectures, presentations, etc.). Echo360, Mediasite, Blackboard

Lifecycle Replacement (Information Only)

Computer Lifecycle replacement program which upgrades eligible machines older than 5 years.


Create, add, remove members, and request help for a listserv.


Protection for stolen laptops.


Mobile and Other Device - Troubleshooting

Support in troubleshooting mobile devices and other peripherals.

Mobile and Other Devices - Setup/Connect

Connect devices such as webcams, scanners, mobile devices, etc.

Mobile Communication Device - Service Addition

Requests for purchase and activation of cell phone, pager, or SIM card.

Mobile Communication Device - Service Disconnect

Service will be used to deactivate a cell phone, a pager, or a SIM card.

Mobile Device Allowance - MDA Request

Request for Mobile Device Allowance.

Modify or Reactivate Non-Banner Account

Blackboard account requests to modify or reactivate a temporary Blackboard Account.

mySeaport Issues/Troubleshooting

Request help with mySeaport Issues.


Office of Univ. Relations USE ONLY (Creation/Redesign/Redirects of Official Websites)

The Office of University Relations may request the creation, redesign, or redirect of an official web site on the main web domain ( uncwweb server.

Official Website ( Permissions

Request permissions for,, and

Online Survey Tool - Issues/Troubleshooting

Get help with your online survey.

Online Survey Tool - Move Survey Ownership

Move the ownership of a survey(s) when the original owner has left the University.

Online Survey Tool - Request Permission to Create/Manage Surveys

Select Survey account permissions to create/manage surveys.

Other Issues with your UNCW Account

Request help (other than unlocking and resetting your password) with your UNCW account.


Password Reset - Banner

Reset the password for your Banner account.

Password Reset - SSRS (Reporting)

Self help application to reset an SSRS password.

Password Reset - UNCW Domain Account

Reset the password for your UNCW account.

PCI Compliant Devices

PCI devices are approved by Financial Systems to process credit card transactions.

Personal (fac/staff) Web Folder Creation

A faculty or staff member may request to have a web folder created on the people server (

Personal (fac/staff) Web Folder Permissions

A faculty or staff member may request for a student or other faculty/staff member to have access to their personal web folder.

Personal Computer Purchases (Educational Discounts)

Discounts on new computers.

Phishing / Malware

Phishing is an attempt to trick you into sharing information, usually through a fake website. Malware is harmful or unwanted software installed on your computer without your knowledge.

Printer Connection

Connect to university-owned printer(s)

Printer Troubleshooting

Provide assistance with printer issues.


Report Creation (New)

Request to develop a new report.

Report Maintenance

Reporting maintenance tasks related to ODS and SSRS (ex: view mods, view refreshes, report deployment).

Report Modifications

Request to modify an already existing report.

Report Troubleshooting

Troubleshoot various reporting issues such as invalid username/password, incorrect access or incorrect data.

Reporting (SSRS) Access Request

Request access to UNCW's SQL Server Reporting Tool (SSRS).

Research Storage (ARC)

File storage for academic research projects.

Respondus Training and Assistance

Using Respondus to help build exams and assessments offline.

Restore from backup

Request to have data restored from backups.


Safeware (Hardware Warranty)

Hardware warranty for laptops, iPads, and other electronic devices.


Process scantron forms.

SeaNet - Reset or Retrieve User Name, ID or PIN

UNCW 850# and SeaNet PIN retrieval.

SeaNet Issues

Request help with logging into SeaNet and other issues, such as, invalid username/password, etc.

Server Support

Server administration & support.

Shared Mailboxes

Create, add, remove members, and request help for a shared mailbox.

SharePoint Access Request

SharePoint access to a site can be granted with supervisor approval. Access is either Read Only or Contribute.

SharePoint Issues/Troubleshooting

SharePoint questions, issues or troubleshooting.

SharePoint List Manager Access Request

A SharePoint site List Manager manages access and changes to a SharePoint site. User requesting List Manager access must complete training and be approved by supervisor.

SharePoint New Site Request

Request for a New SharePoint site.

SkillPort - Create Custom Course

Create custom Skillport course with resources provided by client.

SkillPort - Creating Groups and Assigning Content

Request new groups and assigning content to courses.

Skillport - Issues/Troubleshooting

Report an issue or error with Skillport and/or single sign-on connection through MySeaport.

Software - How to obtain

Information on how to obtain university software.

Software Troubleshooting

Assistance with troubleshooting software issues.

Student Org Web Folder Permissions/Creation

The president of a registered UNCW Student Organization may request for an officer to have access to or have a web folder created for their Student Org.



Software in the cloud.

Technology Consultation and Room Design

Design and integration services provided to upgrade DE technology in classrooms or conference rooms.

Telephone Billing Inquiries

Enter questions or information required about department/division telephone bill.

Telephone Service - Disconnect

Disconnect existing telephone service.

Telephone Service - Feature Programming

Add or change features for an existing phone service.

Telephone Service - Trouble/Repair

Report telephone service issues, troubles or repairs.

Telephone Service - Upgrade/Downgrade/Purchase Phone

Upgrade or downgrade an existing phone service or purchase a phone.

Telephone Service Move

Move an existing telephone and service from a current location to a new location.

TelephoneService - Add Service

Add new telephone service or schedule temporary phone service activation.

Temporary Account - New Faculty / Staff Account (Domain/Email)

Request a new temporary UNCW account (including adjunct faculty).

Temporary Account Expiration Extension

Request to extend a temporary UNCW account for Faculty & Staff.


University Computer Purchases

University computer purchases.


Video Conversion

Convert existing media (VHS, DVD, etc.) to digital formats that are accessible online.

Virus Removal

Remove malicious software (viruses, spyware, malware, etc.).

Voicemail Service - Feature Programming

Add or change features for voicemail service.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Assistance with setting up and using VPN.


Website Support/Troubleshooting/Add-Ons

Request help with issues and errors as well modifications for UNCW Websites (

Wired Connectivity

Issues connecting your device to UNCW's wired network or registering your entertainment device.

Wireless Connectivity

Issues connecting your device to UNCW's WiFi networks or registering your WiFi entertainment device.

Workflow Request (Banner)

Workflow access request for Banner production or test systems.